MAT223 – Linear Algebra I

MAT223 – Linear Algebra I Course Page

Course Instructor: Alexander Kolpakov
St George Campus, office HU1025
e-mail: kolpakov(AT)

Course Coordinator: Sean Uppal
St George Campus, office BA6236
e-mail: uppal(AT)

Click here to access Course Syllabus (created by Sean Uppal, course coordinator)

This is your first undergraduate course in linear algebra. It covers a number of essential basic topics: systems of linear equations, matrix algebra, vector geometry, vector spaces, orthogonality,
rank, introduction to linear transformations, determinants, eigenvalues and eigenvectors,  and diagonalisation.

Course Schedule: Thursday, 6pm-9pm, in Sydney Smith Hall, room 2118
Office Hours: Monday, 11am-12pm, in Huron Building, room 1025
(you can also send me an e-mail, however communication in person is most preferred)

Textbook: we shall use “Linear Algebra with Applications”, 7th edition, by Nicholson, W. Keith, ISBN-13: 978-1-25-945514-8. This book is available from the UofT Book Store only.

Marking Scheme

  • Midterm Exam I & Midterm Exam II – 50% (combined)
  • Quizzes – 10%
  • Final Exam – 40%

Midterm Exams dates

  • Midterm Exam I –  Fri, Oct 16, 4:10-6:00pm
  • Midterm Exam II – Fri, Nov 10, 4:10-6:00pm

Please refer to your Portal course website, announcements on Balckboard/ROSI as official sources of information and updates


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